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Beardo Adonis

Beardo Adonis

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Beardo Adonis consists : Dark Side Perfume 100ml:    Unleash your dark side with Beardo Dark Side perfume. The strong a...

Product Description

Beardo Adonis consists : 
  • Dark Side Perfume 100ml:    Unleash your dark side with Beardo Dark Side perfume. The strong and sensual notes of this perfume invokes the hidden magnetic charm of your personality and makes you absolutely irresistible. Beardo Dark Side is an EDP i.e. Eau De Parfum which is higher in concentration than other perfumes which are EDT (Eau De Toilette). It is a premium perfume that has a strong and masculine fragrance with Citrus, Aromatic, Woody and Spicy base notes which makes it strong and long-lasting. Beardo Dark Side EDP has refreshing citrus notes as well as bold and intense notes of wood and spice which makes it versatile to be worn during day as well night.
  • Spy Perfume Body Spray 120ml:    Spy Perfume Body spray is Strong & long-lasting, Fights body odor, Safe to be used on skin, Stands out from other fragrances 
  • UG Body Wash 200ml:    Beardo Ultraglow Body Wash has mulberry extracts that help in brightening skin tone and preserving essential nutrition within your skin. It has bearberry extracts that help in repairing dull skin and reviving tired skin. The caring formula lathers into a rich foam and the aloe vera extracts helps to hydrate and preserve the moisture of the skin. It comes with a pleasant fragrance that lingers long after your bath

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