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Walking Stick Tripod (Tynor)

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Rs 1,400

Tynor Walking Stick Tripod is designed to provide complete weight bearing while one leg is bodily challenged due to a nervous disorder, fracture, ailment, damage, old age and so forth. increasingly specialists decide upon usage of on foot Stick Tripod over the conventional single pod walking stick, because of greater balance and confidence of the a..

Uright Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor

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Rs 3,040

Arm type Blood pressure Meter Set brand: URIGHT Information & features: Automated/consolation inflation technology Irregular heart beat (IHB) detection Heart rate show One button feature and simple operation Big LCD display Transportable and clean to apply Very accurate outcomesWarranty: 2 yearsMade in Taiwan Uright Arm Type Blood Pressur..

Tonimer Lab Normal Spray

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Rs 725

Sterile isotonic solution of sea water, without preservatives, mainly designed to take away and fluidify the nasal mucus, in conditions of dryness, colds, rhinitis, sinusitis, postoperative. This sea water spray an anti-trauma nasal applicator, to make your utility simpler and safer. This product is a clinical tool. Please read the label and / or p..

Tonimer Lab Hypertonic Spray

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Rs 725

Sterile seawater hypertonic solution, preservative-free, in particular designed to decongest the nasal mucosa and fluidise the mucus. This product is a clinical tool. Please study the label and / or package deal leaflet carefully and, whilst in doubt, contact your medical doctor or pharmacist...

Tonimer Lab Baby Sray

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Rs 725

Sterile seawater isotonic solution, preservative-unfastened, specially designed to take away and fluidise nasal mucus. With an anti-trauma nasal applicator, making it safer and less complicated to apply. Tonimer Lab Baby Sray is a medical device. Please read the label and / or bundle leaflet carefully and, while in doubt, contact your medical docto..

Srai Soft Intimate Hygiene Wash

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Rs 200

Fixderma Sraisoft Hygiene Wash for intimate area is scientifically formulated to promote the body's natural vaginal balance and make stronger the vaginal immunity. ATTRIBUTES helps whiten the intimate vicinity helps to lessen irritation in the vagina enables to lessen excess vaginal discharge helps to save you unsightly odors facilitates to offer t..


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Rs 230

Composition: Hydroquinone 15gm cream Indications: Hydroquinone is used within the treatment of melasma. makes use of: Hydroquinone is a skin lightening medication. it really works by means of lowering the amount of a pigment (melanin) that causes darkening of skin.MELACARE CREAM Side Effects: Dry skin, Itching, skin burn, skin peeling, skin redn..

Ketmith Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 60ml

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Rs 215

Usage:- 1. safe and powerful option within the treatment of dandruff 2. indicates significant improvement in signs and symptoms such as erytheme and itching 3. indicates reduction of..

HAIR 4U 10% SPRAY 50 mg |Hair increasing Solution

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Rs 1,080

Composition: Minoxidil 50mg solution plusIndicators: Minoxidil is used in the remedy of?excessive blood strain. Uses: Minoxidil is a vasodilator. it really works by means of relaxing blood vessels, permitting greater blood and oxygen to reach the heart and other organs. This lowers the blood pressure.Hair 4U 10% Spray Side Effects: Multiplied hea..

Gluconeo Lite Blood Glucose Monitor

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Rs 1,750

The GluNEO® Lite test meter is used with GluNEO® Lite test strip for the measurement of glucose in clean entire blood samples(Capillary and/or venous). It must no longer be used for the diagnosis or screening of diabetes or for the testing of latest born toddlers. GluNEO® Lite Blood Glucose tracking device is for self-trying out with the aid of hum..

Fixderma Shadow Spf 30+ Gel- Sunblock

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Rs 1,360

Fixderma Shadow Spf 30+ Gel is designed to defend sensitive skin and doubles as a moisturizer. Fixderma Shadow Spf 30+ Gel sunblock gives huge spectrum protection towards the sun’s damaging rays. safe on younger delicate skin of children. incredible composition for oily/combination skin types excessive sweating Non greasy water resistant method..

First Aid Travel Bag - Red

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Rs 1,000

First aid tour/residence Bag (size: 8 by 6 inches with pockets and pouches) New And advanced with extra products - [Offer Price Rs. 1000] appropriate for carrying while visitingFirst Aid Box- Travel Contents inner...1 digital Thermometer,  1 Scissors,  1 Glucose packet of nine tablets, 1 Disposable masks, 4 Band aids 1 cotton roll,  1 adhesive clo..

First Aid Box Small

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Rs 1,350

First aid Samll Plastic container (size: 7.5 by using 4.5 inches) New And stepped forward with extra products however in same fee- unique rate Rs. 1500 [Offer Price Rs. 1350] appropriate for home use First Aid  Box- Small Contents inside..1 digital Thermometer, 1t weezers, 1 Scissors, 1 Glucose tablet packet of 9 tablets, 4 Band aids, 1 cotton roll..

First Aid Box - Large

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Rs 2,500

Plastic container (size: 12 by 6.5 inches) New And improved with extra products however in same price- appropriate for places of work and collegesFirst Aid  Box Contents inner: 1 digital Thermometer1 tweezers 1 Scissors1 pair of disposable gloves1 Triangular Bandage, 1 Glucose tablet packet of nine tablets, 1 Eye/Ear drops 8 Water proof Band aids1 ..

Finger Type Pulse Oxymeter (Brand: BIOLIGHT)

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Rs 3,100

Pulse oxymeter may be used at home for checking your oxygen saturation in blood. This system is broadly used at home or medical institution / medical institution for asthma patients. This can be used while mountaineering as well, to be able to avoid altitude sickness before it comes over.Features of Pulse Oxymeter:Elegant design High resolution com..

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