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Navratan Mixture 400 gm

Rs 195

"The snack is created with all-natural ingredients and a roasting method in which grains are baked in rock salt at high temperatures - without the use of oil, butter, or anything else. The seasonings (also known as masala) are produced from scratch in-house with natural spice trunks cut, crushed, and blended together, exactly like at home! You can ..


21 Lessons for the 21st Century By Yuval Noah Harrari

Rs 860 Rs 960

21 Lessons for the 21st Century By Yuval Noah Harrari:The book "21 lessons for the 21st century" is well-written and accessible, and deals with many topics of current vital concern. The book's central theme is that the stories we have told to make sense of the world (political stories, scientific stories, religious stories, personal stori..

Bhujiya 370gm

Rs 160

Bikaneri Bhujia, or simply bhujia, is a popular crispy snack made with ingredients including moth beans and besan (gram flour), as well as a sprinkling of spices. This popular snack originated in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India, and is suitable for a variety of events. Grab a pack for teatime or toss it on top of a steaming bowl of chatpate or chaats...

Century Ajino Motto - 500 g

Rs 175

Key Specifications:Ajinomoto is a flavor enhancer that may be used in a variety of cuisines. The meal will take on a new flavor as a result of the natural freshness and scent. Ajinomoto is the manufacturer of this component. Get a taste of something different.Umami flavor improves sensory acceptance.Complexity, impact, consistency, and harmony are ..

Century Ajwain Seeds - 500 g

Rs 230

Whole spices from Century are unground individual spices that have a better texture than powdered spices. Only when these traditional whole spices are processed for use do their flavors come out. Century Ajwain Seeds are rich in fibber minerals vitamins and natural spice seeds.Our delectable natural spice collection includes ajwain, often known as ..

Century Besan 200gm

Rs 45

Byanjan Besan is commonly used to make Kadhi Pakoda, Besan Laddu, Snack, Dhoklas, Gatte, Missi Roti, and other meals. It is a wonderful source of carbs, proteins, and minerals, and it is especially beneficial to diabetics...

Century Biryani Masala - 100 g

Rs 110

Are you tired of physically blending and grinding spices at home to create well-blended spices for biryani rice cooking? Biryani masala offers the appropriate balance of texture and flavor to your dishes. Century Biryani Masala is a perfect blend of the various aromatic spices essential to make a delicious biryani plate. It saves you the time and e..

Century Black Pepper - 50 g

Rs 85

Century Black Pepper is a vacuum-sealed bag of black pepper manufactured from the finest peppercorns. Sprinkle some on top of your salad, sandwich, fruits, or veggies to enhance the flavor. Century's renowned and flavorful powdered natural spices are utilized all over Nepal. Excellent quality and a huge selection of unique natural spices.Available ..

Century Black Salt Can - 75gm

Rs 25

Catch Sprinkler is a brand of table condiments popular in India for international meals.For salads, soups, and fruits, Catch Black Salt Sprinklers is an adequate seasoning. Sanchar powder, commonly known as black salt, has a tanginess to it with a punch of salty components for a mouth-watering flavor. It stays dry inside the HIPS container, allowin..

Century Chana Masala Powder - 100 g

Rs 90

Century offers a delicious selection of healthy spices and seasoning blends. This organic chana masala can be used to season and flavor any curry cuisine, and it's excellent for making traditional dishes at home. It's all-natural, wholesome, and delectable. Century Chana Masala Powder is tasty and nutritious, containing no artificial colors or pres..

Century Chat Masala Powder - 500 g

Rs 425

The pungent chat masala has no match in terms of taste and flavor; it adds a punch to your chat, salad, fresh veggies, and fruits. Century Chat Masala will enhance the flavor of any dish. Our chat masala is a delectable blend of herbs and spices that enhances the flavor of any meal, vegetable, or fruit. Century's exquisite blends of herbs and spice..

Century Chicken Masala Powder - 500 g

Rs 475

Century's Chicken Masala enhances the flavor and aroma of your chicken dishes. A flavorful mix of the freshest savory spices. To maintain freshness, Century Chicken Masala comes in food-grade metallic lined containers. Century's exquisite blends of herbs and spices will elevate your culinary experience. Our spice blends are full of flavor and fresh..

Century Chilly Pickle - 400 g

Rs 135

Century Chilli Pickle is a delightfully classic home-style pickle made with handpicked seasonal chillies in oil and organically fermented with certain spices. Fresh chillies and spices are used to make this dish. Century offers a variety of pickles to go with your meals. Our pickles are jam-packed with flavors that will blow your mind.Available Siz..

Century Chilly Powder - 1000 g

Rs 500

Century Chilly Powder is a great combination of color and heat. The Century Chilly powder provides a flare of fire and color to the foods you cook, made from the finest red chillies known by their vibrant color and pungency. Century's renowned and flavorful powdered natural spices are consumed all over Nepal. It has an excellent quality and a huge ..

Century Chilly Sauce - 2500 g

Rs 475

Key SpecificationsCentury Chilly Sauce great in soups, sauces, pastas, pizzas, hot dogs, hamburgers, chowmein, and just about anything else that needs a spicy kick. We use only natural ingredients and never artificial colors or flavors in this sauce, as we do with all of our sauces.Available Sizes: 200 | 500 | 1000 | 2500 | 5000 g..

Century Chocos- 375g

Rs 250

Century's Chocos is a wheat-based morning cereal with wholegrain goodness and a delectable chocolaty flavor in a bowl. It has a lot of flavor as well as nutritional benefits. Proteins, fibers, and minerals abound in chocos. Century offers a variety of cereal breakfast bowls that are high in nutrition and flavor. Cereals with a crunch for a healthy ..

Century Chowmein Masala Powder - 100 g

Rs 90

Century offers a delicious selection of healthy spices and seasoning blends. This organic chowmein masala can be used to season and flavor your cuisine. It's all-natural, wholesome, and delectable. Century Chowmein Masala Powder is tasty and nutritious, containing no artificial colors or preservatives. It's simple to create and you may eat it whene..

Century Coriander Powder - 1000 g

Rs 340

Century Coriander Powder is of excellent quality, and you can use it to add flavor to all of your favorite meals. Coriander's characteristics and flavor come from its volatile oils, which are found naturally in the plant. Key Specifications:Century Coriander Powder/ Dhania Powder adds a burst of freshness to any dish with its scent, color, and flav..

Century Coriander Seed - 500 g

Rs 145

Coriander is an integral part of our cuisine. We use coriander seeds as a spice and coriander leaves to garnish curries, salads, and soups on a regular basis. Coriander is well-known for its therapeutic benefits all throughout the world. It's high in potassium, iron, vitamins A, K, and C, folic acid, magnesium, and calcium, which can help with a va..

Century Corn Flakes with Real Honey-475gm

Rs 280

Kellogg's Corn Flakes with Real Honey are a delicious and nutritious morning cereal. Every morning, treat yourself and your family to the goodness of honey and corn flakes...

Century CTC Gold Tea Jar

Rs 145

Century has a range of Premium Gold Assam Tea and other tea varieties available in the market that are combined with herbs, cardamom, and other spices for a more authentic Masala tea flavor. Assam tea is one of the most widely consumed tea kinds in the world.Since the British Raj in India, Assam tea has been a popular kind of tea. Due to the presen..

Century Cumin Powder - 1000 g

Rs 680

Century Cumin Powder is 100 % natural, no preservatives, vegan, gluten free, carefully collected from the best seeds, attractively packed to retain the freshness and taste, and delivered right to your door, unlike some other spices that contains artificial colors and preservatives. It's ideal for vegetables, meats, gravies, and curries, and it's fr..

Century Cumin Seed - 500 g

Rs 260

Jeera is a prominent spice in Nepal that is used in a variety of cuisines due to its digestive effects. Century Jeera, a pack of high-quality seeds, gives your dishes a rich flavor. The flavors of Century's whole spices are released only when they are prepared for use, as they are ungrounded individual spices. Century Cumin Seed is 100 % natural, n..

Century Dalle Pickle - 400 g

Rs 425

Century Dalle Pickle is a home-style pickle made with Akhabare/Dalle Khursani (one of the world's hottest chilies) in oil and naturally fermented with some spices for a delightfully classic flavor. Fresh chillies and spices are used to make this delicacy. Century offers a variety of pickles to go with your meals. Our pickles are jam-packed with fla..

Century Fish Masala - 100 g

Rs 100

Century Curry Masala has brought to you an amazing fish masala with 100% pure and natural condiment blend that enhances the flavor of your delicious meal preparations. This spice adds a rich texture and true royal aroma to a range of fish recipes, giving them a restaurant-style finish. It's a well-balanced combination of ingredients that produces a..

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