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B2B Means Back To Bacis: Learn How To Boos Your Business Volume

Rs 230

From The Back Cover Of 'B2B Means Back to Basics' By Bill QuainMrs. Pickles is standing next to a plant in her living room. She's holding a watering can and looks to be watering the plant. "What are you doing, Mrs. Pickles?" says a little neighbor girl. "Watering my plants, Gina," replies Mrs. Pickles. "But they're artificial plants," says the litt..

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

Rs 1,000

Donald Miller's StoryBrand process is a proven solution to the struggle business leaders face when talking about their businesses. This revolutionary method for connecting with customers provides listeners with the ultimate competitive advantage, revealing the secret for helping their customers understand the compelling benefits of using their prod..

Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales From The World Of Wall Street - John Brooks

Rs 960

What do the $350 million Ford Motor Company disaster known as the Edsel, the fast and incredible rise of Xerox, and the unbelievable scandals at General Electric and Texas Gulf Sulphur have in common? Each is an example of how an iconic company was defined by a particular moment of fame or notoriety; these notable and fascinating accounts are as re..

Byabasayik Bakhra Palan By Bharat Raj Gautam

Rs 200

Language: NepaliBinding: PaperbackPublisher: PanchpokhariEdition: NewPages: 140..

Byabasayik Local Kukhura Palan-Bharat Raj Gautam - Poultry Farm Ideas

Rs 350

Byabasayik Local Kukhura Palan tells about how to earn money by Poultry Farm?Language: NepaliAuthor: Bharat Raj |  Gautam..


Byabasayik Machha Palan By Rameshwor Singh Pandey

Rs 250 Rs 300

Fish farming is the raising of fish for personal use or profit. It is sometimes called fish culture.By raising fish we make better use of our land and our water.But fish farming is not easy. To raise fish needs as much hard work as to raise anything else, such as maize, rice, cassava or groundnuts. You will need to learn to do many things.So this B..

Capital In The 21st Century By Thomas Piketty

Rs 1,480

Capital in the Twenty-First Century is a 2013 book by French economist Thomas Piketty. It focuses on wealth and income inequality in Europe and the United States since the 18th century. It was initially published in French in August 2013; an English translation by Arthur Goldhammer followed in April 2014...

Communication for Business : A practical approach By V Chandra Shirley Taylor

Rs 830

Communication for Business : A practical approach:The fourth edition of Communication for Business will be helpful to anyone who is working or training to work in a managerial, administrative or secretarial role that demands good communication and business English skills. While retaining all the familiar and popular characteristics from the third e..

Consumer Behavior (Four-Colour Edition): International Economy Edition

Rs 1,200

Consumer Behavior (Four-Colour Edition): International Economy Edition by Schiffman:Author: Schiffman /KumarLanguage: EnglishBinding: PaperbackPublisher: PearsonGenre: Academic and ProfessionalEdition: 11th, 2015..

Corporate Chanakya on Leadership By Radhakrishnan Pillai

Rs 550

Corporate Chanakya on Leadership By Radhakrishnan Pillai:Corporate Chanakya is divided into three major sections - Leadership, Management and Training. The author chooses the most apt sutras to provide tricks to achieve success in all these fields. in the leadership section he explains the importance of a leader's foresight, vision, enthusiasm and ..

Corporate Yogi: My Journey as a Spiritual Seeker and an Accidental Entrepreneur | Arvind Lal

Rs 950

The book describes the story of Dr. Arvind Lal as a spiritual seeker and as an accidental entrepreneur. How did a saint turn Arvind's life from a small Himalayan village called Hairakhan? Why did Lal path labs turn into a household icon in India? How does spiritualism influence his entrepreneurial thinking? Could work and spirituality gel as stated..


Crushing It: Gary Vaynerchuk | Business and Economics Book

Rs 912 Rs 960

Four-time New York Times bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk offers new lessons and inspiration drawn from the experiences of dozens of influencers and entrepreneurs who rejected the predictable corporate path in favor of pursuing their dreams by building thriving businesses and extraordinary personal brands.In his 2009 international bestseller Crus..


Deep Work: Rules For Focused Success In A Distracted World By Cal Newport

Rs 608 Rs 640

In Deep Work, author and professor Cal Newport flips the narrative on impact in a connected age. Instead of arguing distraction is bad, he instead celebrates the power of its opposite. Dividing this book into two parts, he first makes the case that in almost any profession, cultivating a deep work ethic will produce massive benefits. He then p..

E-Commerce 2017: Business, Technology, Society | Thirteen Edition

Rs 1,430

Laudon’s E-commerce 2017: Business, Technology, Society emphasizes three driving forces behind the expanding field of e-commerce: technology change, business development, and social issues. A conceptual framework uses the templates of many modern-day companies to further demonstrate the differences and complexities in e-commerce today. An in-depth ..

Get Smart By Brian Tracy | Business and Self Help Book

Rs 400

Money By Tony Robbins: Master The GameTony Robbins has coached and inspired extra than 50 million humans from over 100 countries. More than 4 million humans have attended his stay events. Oprah Winfrey calls him super - human. Now for the first time in his first ebook in a long time hes grew to become to the subject that vexes us all - a way to sec..

Girl Code For The Female Entrepreneur By Cara Alwill Leyba

Rs 800

Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur:GIRL CODE is a roadmap for female entrepreneurs, professional women, “side hustlers” (those with a day job who are building a business on the side), and anyone in between who wants to become a better woman. This book will not teach you how to build a mult..

How I Invest My Money - Brian Portnoy

Rs 800

The world of investing normally sees experts telling us the "right" way to manage our money. But how often do these experts pull back the curtain and tell us how they invest their own money? Never. How I Invest My Money changes that. In this unprecedented collection, 25 financial experts share how they navigate markets with their own capital. In th..

How The Mighty Fall By Jim Collins | Best Selling Author of Good To Great

Rs 1,280

How The Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In"Whether you prevail or fail, endure or die, depends more on what  you do to yourself than on what the  world does to you." Jim CollinsAbout the author (2009)Jim Collins is the author or co-author of six books that have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide, including the bests..

How To Get Rich By Donald J. Trump : The Science of Business Success

Rs 635

In Trump: How To Get Rich, Trump tells all–about the lessons learned from The Apprentice, his real estate empire, his position as head of the 20,000-member Trump Organization, and his most important role, as a father who has successfully taught his children the value of money and hard work.With his characteristic brass and smarts, Trump offers insi..

How To Make Big Money In Your Own Small Business By Jeferey J. Fox

Rs 630

Ever dream of starting your personal commercial enterprise According to USA Today, more than forty seven million people need to personal their very own companies and over 20 million simply do. In How to Make Big Money in Your Own Small Business, bestselling commercial enterprise creator Jeffrey Fox offers sound guidelines to succeeding in small bus..

How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth and Karen Dillon

Rs 640

How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth and Karen Dillon:From the world’s leading thinker on innovation and New York Times bestselling author of The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton M. Christensen, comes an unconventional book of inspiration and wisdom for achieving a fulfilling life. Christensen’s The Innovator’s Dile..


Human Resource Management 14th Edition By Gary Dessler

Rs 1,065 Rs 1,200

The 14th version of Human Resource Management provides a full and realistic guide of human resource management principles and strategies to students in human resource management courses and working administrators, with an emphasis on how to use such methods to improve performance, competitiveness and sustainability at work...

I Have A Dream By Rashmi Bansal - Biography Book

Rs 470

I Have A Dream is the story of 20 idealists who think and act like entrepreneurs. They are committed to different causes, but they have one thing in common: a belief that principles of management can and must be used to achieve a greater common good. These stories say one thing loud and clear change starts with one person, and that person could be ..

Inside The Indian Business Mind: A Tactical Guide For Managers

Rs 470

Inside The Indian Business Mind is the practical manual book that identifies the ingredients that make up Indian subculture and uniquely translates them into beneficial tools to help Western industrial initiatives succeed.Foreword by means of Marshall Goldsmith, bestselling writer of What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People emer..


Leaving Microsoft To Change the World (Nepali) By John Wood

Rs 341 Rs 380

John Wood found his inspiration, his biggest achievement, and the career of his life, not at the business school or helping to drive the push of Microsoft into Asia in the 1990s, but on a soul-searching journey to the Himalayas. He took the tough choice to step away from his prosperous job to establish Room to Read, a non-profit agency that support..

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