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Champa by Laxmi Prasad Devkota

Rs 121

Buy Champa by Laxmi Prasad Devkota online in Nepal at Choicemandu online shopping.ISBN:9789937919876Year of publish:2074..

King delay Wine and champagne Glass

The champagne glass of King Delay is smooth, strong, completely address client issues relying upon the adaptability of utilization. - Glass is made of high-grade glass material with high sturdiness, lustrous surface, carry extravagance to the item. With high-grade straightforward glass material, the item likewise has great enemy of stain and doesn'..

Luigi Bormioli Magnifico Champaign Flute 325ml Set of 6pcs

Rs 5,500

An absolute favourite, the Magnifico glass is a universal shape designed to suit any number of wine styles.The large surface area of the bowl opens up the wine nicely, releasing its particular mix of aromas.Luigi Bormioli Magnifico Champagne Flute 325ml Set  Features:Made from high-tech SON.hyx crystal glass, producing incredible clarity..

Luigi Bormioli Magnifico Flute Champaign Set Of 6pcs

Rs 3,750

The rounded facade of this elegant glass combined with a sleek, long stem makes it the perfect pick.This range features ultra-clear blown crystal glass that has a high resistance to breakage, and a titanium reinforced anti-abrasive stem.Luigi Bormioli Magnifico Flute Champaign Set Of 6pcs Features:Sparkx lead-free crystal glass for strength and cla..

Luigi Bormioli Magnifico Wine Glass Large Set Of 6pcs/Crystalline glass

Rs 5,999

Crystalline glass,Innovative glassmaking techniques produce perfectly smooth rims and edges,Dishwasher safe .Made in ItalyLuigi Bormioli Magnifico Wine Glass Large Set Of 6pcs Features:The ""ingredients"" of SON.hyx allow the glasses to be more brilliant in color and sound, increase their durability and strengthMaterial: Lead Free CrystalLuigi Borm..

Luigi Bormioli-Magnifico-Wine Glass Medium Set Of 6pcs

Rs 5,500

Wine glasses come in a set of 6 .Maximum wine color reflection - High-Tech blown lead-free crystal glass, is break resistant and dishwasher safe.Luigi Bormioli- Magnifico-Wine Glass Medium Set Of 6pcs Features:Titanium Reinforced - Permanent anti-abrasion treatment applied directly to the glass’ stems to increase resistance to breakagesFine, reinf..

RCR Opera Campaign Flute Set Of 6pcs

Rs 4,550

Specification:Made in ItalyDishwasher safe-china settingLead free crystalColor: TransparentSet of 6pcs..

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