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FURR By Pee Safe Acne Relief Patches - 60 Patches

Rs 799

A SPOT ON SOLUTION FOR YOUR ZITS! Do you have the urge to pop your pimples? YOU’VE GOT TO STOP! Instead of popping and touching your zits, pimples and blemishes, apply one of these on! Formulated with plant-based ingredients like Neem, Haldi, Calendula oil and Lavender oil; Furr’s Hydrocolloid Acne Relief Patches are the thinnest, most invisible pa..

Furr by Pee Safe Bikini Line Trimming Razor - 1N

Rs 239

The broad range of hygiene essentials of Pee Safe just got better!Introducing Furr Bikini Line Trimmer Razor! A specially designed razor that keeps in mind what your body needs to give you the smoothest and softest shaving experience with its Chromium and PTFE technology. The skin's easy flow ensures your skin stays soft and smooth. The product is ..

Furr by Pee Safe Body Shaving Razor - 1N

Rs 479

Pee Safe Body Shaving Razors are specially designed to give you the most gentle and smoothest shave experience. It slides effortlessly on your skin and the advanced coating technology ensures that the blade remains rust-free, durable and sharp. A perfect solution to help you get rid of unwanted hair effortlessly on your arms, underarms, back and le..

FURR By Pee Safe Essential Nourishment Kit

Rs 959

Sometimes, you're just not ready to buy a big bottle of products you've been eyeing for so long. We know and we understand. Here's a Furr Miniature Kit for you to enjoy the goodness of our oils packed in cute, tiny bottles without worrying about wastage. The Combo includes: Natural Body Wash Body Nourishing Oil Natural Hair Tonic Organic Stretch Ma..

Furr by Pee Safe Face Razor - 4N

Rs 959

What's the most convenient thing? Having the right essentials to keep your face hair-free (even when you're on the go, in a hurry, too busy to go to the salon, or don't want to go to the salon)This one is for you! Add Furr Face Razor to your every day (almost) grooming rituals. This one is coated with Chromium and PTFE to keep your face ..

Furr by Pee Safe Hair Removal Cream - 100GM

Rs 399

Furr Hair Removal Cream is made with a simple formulation, easy to use, and an efficient alternative to shaving or even waxing.It's here to help you regain and maintain your skin's long-lasting smoothness. You can now get rid of unwanted hair in minutes. The cream is formulated with Vitamin E, natural oils, and extracts to keep your skin hydrated. ..

FURR By Pee Safe Natural After Shave & Wax Oil - 100ml

Rs 1,119

The only need after shaving or waxing is silky smooth skin. Furr Natural Shave & Wax Oil restores your skin’s natural glow and soothes inflamed skin. This Shave & Wax Oil, made from Ayurvedic ingredients, removes wax residue, reduces redness and leaves your skin feeling moisturised. Now, you don’t have to schedule your hair removal sessions..

FURR By Pee Safe Natural Body Nourishing Oil - 100ml

Rs 1,439

Say yes to some self-care after a long day’s work with the Furr Natural Body Nourishing Oil. Rich in natural ingredients, it is surely the best addition to your unwind and self-care routine. This cruelty-free, nourishing oil hydrates and revives your skin. Who wouldn’t love to go to bed with soft, hydrated skin? Fulfil your skin’s natural cravings ..

FURR By Pee Safe Natural Hair Tonic - 100ml

Rs 1,439

All the love and care your hair needs, fulfilled by Furr. If you’re planning to fill your cabinet with a million hair products, stop right there. Look no further with the Furr Natural Hair Tonic. This might be the only grooming product your hair needs. Enriched with olive active omega plus, this tonic nourishes your scalp and hair, repairing any da..

FURR by Pee Safe Natural Noni Hair Colour Shampoo | Pack Of 5 Sachets

Rs 639

Introducing India's first hair colour shampoo with Olive Active Omega+. The ingredient is extremely beneficial and effective for your hair in a variety of ways, including smoothness, brightness, and frizz-free hair. Furr's Natural Black Hair Colouring Shampoo is a one-stop shop for all of your hair care needs and makes the grey colour disappear wit..

Furr By Pee Safe Organic Stretch Mark Oil - 60 ML

Rs 959

GOODNESS OF SEA BUCKTHORN & CALENDULA!Nothing beats an all-in-one solution for getting rid of stretch marks, skin pigmentation, and wrinkles.We understand your requirements and know exactly what you need.Furr has curated an Organic Stretch Mark Oil that not only works to lighten stretch marks, skin pigmentation, and wrinkles, but is also skin f..

Furr Moisturizing Shaving Foam for Women - 65 gm

Rs 207

Furr Moisturizing Shaving Foam is the much-needed addition to a woman’s shaving routine. Unlike usual soaps and oils, this shaving foam creates a rich lather that deeply nourishes the skin, ensuring a smooth glide. Enriched with Aloe vera, Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil, this shaving foam protects from cuts and bumps. And, the goodness of chamomile ext..

Moskito Safe Scare Away Natural Mosquito Repellent Roll On 10 ML

Rs 130

Moskito Safe Natural Mosquito Repellent roll-on protects you from dangerous mosquitoes as well as chemical bug repellents. The scare away roll on are natural and DEET free. Scented with Citronella Oil gives you upto 8 hours protection. Its active ingredients include Citronella Oil,  Nilgiri Leafe oil, Neem Seed Oil and other Essential Oils.Key..

Palm Safe Ayurvedic Foam Based Alcohol-Free Cleanser - 200 ML

Rs 319

Palm Safe Waterless Foaming Hand Cleanser  protect from germs and ensures long-lasting protection. The alcohol-free formulation does not dry out your hands by retaining moisture. Apply some on the palm of your hand and rub togetherKey Features:A foam based alcohol free hand cleanserIt protects from germs within a few seconds of applicationThe ..

Pee Safe - Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray - 50 ML

Rs 192

PeeSafe is an instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray which protects against germs, without leaving any residual. It consists of IPA Formulation which starts action within 5 seconds of application. The small and compact bottle makes it travel friendly, reducing the risk of bathroom borne diseases like Diarrhea and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) on the g..

Pee Safe 100% Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Panty Liners - Pack of 15

Rs 319

There are certain biological occurrences that every woman gets used to. However, we must definitely not compromise on our intimate hygiene. Vaginal discharge is an inevitable occurrence and panty liners are the solution for it. These are a smaller and thinner version of sanitary pads that help in discharges and pre period and post period spotting.&..

Pee Safe 100% Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads - Overnight - Pack of 10

Rs 479

Pee Safe's new addition to a well-rounded range of feminine hygiene products are the 100% organic cotton, biodegradable sanitary pads. These are made entirely of natural ingredients. The organic cotton is grown through a natural process without the use of any chemicals or fertilisers.  Every girl spends an average of 40,320 hours wearing ..

Pee Safe 100% Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads - Regular - Pack of 10

Rs 479

Pee Safe's new addition to a well-rounded range of feminine hygiene products are the 100% organic cotton, biodegradable sanitary pads. These are made entirely of natural ingredients. The organic cotton is grown through a natural process without the use of any chemicals or fertilisers. Every girl spends an average of 40,320 hours wearing sanita..

Pee Safe Adult Diaper | Medium - Large | Waist Size 71-114 cm (28"-45") | High Absorbency 10 Pcs

Rs 799

Looking for a way to tackle your urinary incontinence? Pee Safe recognizes your need and offers a discreet solution to add that protection when you're unsure of being able to reach the restroom in time. Pee Safe Adult Diapers come with multi-layer protection to ensure that you stay protected from heavy urine flow & bacterial reactions with it's..

Pee Safe Aloe Vera Panty Liners - Pack of 25

Rs 192

Pee Safe Panty Liners keeps you dry and fresh all day long. Each liner is crafted with a cottony soft surface infused with Aloe Vera that lets you enjoy your day without worry of a little flow.Key Features185 mm wide panty liner ensures optimal coverageEach liner is crafted with a cottony soft surfaceCurved Shape for extra comfortSubtle fragrance k..

Pee Safe Anti Chafing Cream - For Blisters, Rashes and Odour

Rs 799

Curated with 100% natural coconut oil, Pee Safe Anti Chafing stick is the ideal way to tackle chafing, rashes, blisters and even avoid foul odour. The product is 100% natural and provides a soothing experience for your skin every time you use it. The ayurvedic product maintains your skin's pH balance and ensures your skin stays far away from itchin..

Pee Safe Biodegradable Intimate Wipes for Men - Pack of 10

Rs 159

Pee Safe Biodegradable Intimate Wipes for men are crafted to maintain your intimate hygiene. These wipes are made from bamboo pulp and extremely soft and comfortable to use. It cleans and refreshes your intimate area without any hassle and can be used before and after sexual activity or after urination. Intimate wipes for men are enriched with the ..

Pee Safe Domina Female Condom - 2N

Rs 319

It's TIME to change the narrative. Female condom also known as an internal condom is a contraceptive that acts as a barrier to keep the sperm from entering the uterus. It's bigger than the male condoms and needs to be inserted inside the vagina. Female condoms can be worn for upto 8 hours and women don't have to be turned on to wear this condom. Do..

Pee Safe Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On for Period Pain - 10 ML

Rs 319

The use of allopathic medicines for period pains can be harmful in the long run especially to the adolescent girls. Pee Safe Feminine Cramp Relief Roll-On is an innovative 100 percent herbal stain-free roll on that provides continuous relief from menstrual cramps during periods with the goodness of Ayurveda. Enriched with the healing benefits of Me..

Pee Safe Folded Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads - Pack of 14

Rs 288

Pee Safe Disposable underarm pads is a solution to all your problem related to underarm sweat. It a must have for people with hyperhidrosis and even individuals who enjoys sports. The soft texture of the pads is breathable and deodorizing in nature, hence the pad is invisible from the outside of your clothes. Owing to its folded shape, it adheres s..

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