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Everything that a BEARDO would need to groom himself. Beard Oil, Beard Wash, face care, hair care, body care, and fragrances! Get upto 15% discount on Choicemandu Online Shopping.

Beardo Samson

Beardo Samson

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Beardo Samson consists : GodFather Beard Wash 100ML:    GodFather Beard Wash effec...
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Product Description

Beardo Samson consists : 
  • GodFather Beard Wash 100ML:    GodFather Beard Wash effectively cleanses and moisturizes your beard and skin without stripping them of essential hydrators. Simply apply through wet beard to produce a rich lather that deeply cleanses the beard and can be rinsed away with minimum effort. Apply beard shampoo and massage thoroughly using water and let the lather do the rest. Made using naturally derived oils like avocado, castor and argon that nourishes and strengthens hair roots to boost your bountiful beard. This fresh scented wash is gentle yet effective in keeping your beard healthy and shiny while infusing an air of fresh sophistication
  • Beard n Hair Growth Oil 500ML:    It helps promote hair & beard growth, makes beard smooth and frizz free. It helps get rid of patchy beard and grow thicker healthier beard. It is formulated with Amla and Sesame that helps harmonize nourishment across the beard and scalp resulting in uniform hair growth. It features a blend of rich yet balanced essential oils including Amla, coconut, hibiscus and sesame which promotes uniform growth and nourishment across your beard and scalp and makes it feel soft and non-greasy. It helps ensure all round care for your precious mane
  • Beard Softener:    It softens your beard hair, prevents itchiness and flakiness. It provides moisture and nourishment.
  • Compact Wooden Comb:    The Compact Wooden Comb is the compact styling tool for men. You can now style your beard on the go with this precision combing. It even retains the natural oils present in your hair and skin.

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