Barcode Reader

  • A barcode is a method of representing data in a visual, machine-readable form. Initially, barcodes represented data by varying the widths and spacings of parallel lines. These barcodes, now commonly referred to as linear or one-dimensional, can be scanned by special optical scanners, called barcode readers.
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xLab XBS-763L Laser Barcode Scanner Wired

Rs 3,310

General Specifications:Name: xLab XBS-763L Wired Laser Barcode ReaderModel: XBS-763LBrand: xLabCountry of Origin: USASystem Interface: Keyboard, RS-232, HID USB, USB Virtual COM, wand, OPOS, JPOSMicroprocessor: 32 bitDimensions: 161.5 × 72.5 × 55.2 mm (device only)Cable: Standard 2M straightInput Voltage: 5 VDC ±5%Operating Current: 90 mA (AVG), 15..

xLab Laser Barcode Reader Wired Full-Automatic Induction

Rs 6,615

• Proprietary Z-SCAN+ technology • Rugged and ergonomic form factor • Flexible Communication..

Zonerich Laser barcode Scanner - PS/2

Rs 5,400

Powerful 10 barcode reader, high recognition rate, hand free stand is suitable for heavy loaded scan, PS2 ports are universally used. Automatic scanning model • Barcode type:EANS,EAN13,Code128 • Code39,Code93,Codebar125 • Scan speed:74 scans/second • Reading accuracy:0.10-0.852mm • Reading distance:10-520rnm ...

x-Lab Wireless Laser Barcode Reader 2.4GHZ

Rs 11,340

● 100times/second Decodina Speed ● Wireless laser barcode scanner ● Type: Barcode Scanner ● Scan Element Type: laser ● Colour Depth: 32 Bit ● Interface Type: USB ● Scan Speed: 100 times/s ● Place of Origin: China (Mainland) ● Wireless Transmitting Distanc: 300m ● Optical Source: 650nm Visible r..

x-Lab Wireless Charge Station Laser Barcode Reader

Rs 16,200

● Ultrascan ● 150 scans per sec ● Two-colors LED Wireless Gun Type Handheld CCD Scanner • Proprietary Ultrascan decoding technology • 32 bit micro processor unit • GS1 DataBar decoding capability • Strong gun type design • Flexible communication options • Wireless freedom at 100M/75M working range • Rugged gun type de..

x-Lab Wired Laser Module Barcode Reader

Rs 7,200

● Laser Barcode Scanning ● Two cables USB-USB and USB-OTG to use with Android/Iphone/Tablet PC ● Colour Depth: 32 Bit ● Interface Type: USB ● Scan Speed: 100times/s ● Trigger Mode: Auto-induction, continuous scanning ● Optical Source: 650nm Visible red light diode ● Minimum Contrast: >=30% ● Data Cable: RJ-45 ● Depth Filed: 6mm-630mm ● I..

x-Lab Wired Full-Automatic Induction Laser Barcode Reader

Rs 6,300

● 1D Barcode Scan ● 500 scans per sec ● Three-color LED (Green, Red & Blue) Advanced Handheld High-Speed Laser Scanner • Decode most 1D barcodes, incl. GS1 DataBar & PDF 417 • Superb scanning ability • Proprietary Z-SCAN+ technology • Rugged and ergonomic form factor • Flexible communications • Honored by iF Product Design..

x-Lab Wired 2D Barcode Reader

Rs 18,900

● Scanning speed is 300times/s with 620nm Visible red light diode ● Scanner scanning gun uses CMOS ● Scan Element Type: CMOS ● Optical Source: 620nm Visible red light diode ● Trigger Mode: Manul ● Colour Depth: 32 Bit ● Image Resolution:752x480Pixel ● Reading Precision: ≥5mil ● Decoding Speed: 300times/s ● Data Interfac..

x-Lab Bluetooth Wireless Laser Barcode Reader

Rs 14,175

● Ultrascan ● 150 scans per sec ● Two-colors LED ● Exquisite and beautiful design, external protected by soft rubber and internal scientific solidification structure, so its drop resistance better than ordinary scanner. ● The latest technical accomplishment is applied to the engine and decoding function, reading codes better and fa..


x-Lab Barcode Scanner(Wired Laser Barcode Reader)

Rs 3,150

● 1D Barcode Scan ● 150 scans per sec ● Two-colors LED • Proprietary Ultrascan decoding technology • Light and rugged design • Advanced image capture technology • Multi-interface communication • Idea..

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