Smart Home Automation

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Digital Alarm Kit - Smart Home Gadgets

Rs 19,500

The Digital Alarm Kit has a 4.3inch TFT full-color touch screen with a computer interface that controls security devices like door sensors, motion sensors, IP cameras, and alarms via GSM/Wi-Fi network. It aids operation logs, alarm events storage, tracing as well as SMS or voice arm disarm. Additionally, you can control electronic appliances th..

Remote Control Automatic Sliding Gate Motor Set

Rs 85,000

With the press of a button on a remote controller or your smartphone, you can open your gate. If you want to add extra security and convenience to your house or company, this motor-powered sliding gate opener is the way to go. Automatic Sliding Gate Motor Set Specifications: Overheating protectorSmooth operationEasy installationManual clu..

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