Money Counting machine

A currency-counting machine is a machine that counts money—either stacks of banknotes or loose collections of coins. Counters may be purely mechanical or use electronic components. The machines typically provide a total count of all money, or count off specific batch sizes for wrapping and storage

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Digicom Biometric Time Attendance

Rs 10,450

Digicom Biometric Time Attendance Machine Highlights:2.8 Color Screen100000 logs supportSupport RF Card/Fingerprint/PasswordFingerprint Capacity:5000Communication: TCP+WiFiProximityCard: Standard for ID CardBattery BackupUSB Flash Disk Upload/Download Function ..

Godrej Bundle Money Counting Machine |Note counting Machine | cash counting

Rs 95,000

Godrej Security Solutions presents Swift Turbo, a currency note counter designed for heavy-duty applications & packed with a host of user-friendly features. A state of the art product, it can not only count crisp new notes but also soiled old ones. All this with a high degree of accuracy & speed. This eliminates the time & inconven..

Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine / Bio-metric Time & Attendance System

Rs 13,500

Buy Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine online in Nepal at Choicemandu online shopping.Time & Attendance Recorder is a time attendance recording automatic system, which helps any organization or institution in reducing the manual efforts and increase accuracy in record maintenance. We are the leading organization providing the best product rang..

EZY-SHRED|Shredder|Automatic start/stop

Rs 8,000

Buy EZY-SHRED Shredder online in Nepal at Choicemandu online shopping. EZY-SHRED Shredder shreds up to 5 sheets of A4(80gsm) into 78mm strips. Its shredding speed is 2.5m/min. Its cut type is strip cut & it has 7 liter waste basket. It is automatic start/stop machine. It has capability of 2 minute continuous shredding...

MDI-LAMO-A4|Lamination Machine

Rs 7,800

Buy MDI-LAMO-A4 Lamination Machine online in Nepal at Choicemandu online shopping. Machine laminating size is A4. The width of this machine is 230mm & size of the machine (mm) is 358 x 135 x 58 mm. Its maximum warm up time or heating time is 3 minutes. There are 2 Rollers System & its heating elements is mica plate. It's laminating speed is 4..

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