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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Dog Days By Jeffrey Patrick Kinney

Rs 560

Jeffrey Patrick Kinney born in 1971, is an American author, cartoonist and designer of online games. While attending the University of Maryland, College Park, he started his own comic strip, titled Igdoof. He is also the creator of Poptropica, a website designed for children. Kinney had first published Diary of a Wimpy Kid online. On public demand,..


Emotional Intelligence By Daniel Goleman | Motivational Book

Rs 760 Rs 800

Emotional Intelligence By Daniel Goleman:The cutting-edge bestseller redefining intelligence and success Does IQ define our destiny? Daniel Goleman argues that our view of human intelligence is far too narrow and that our emotions play a major role in thinking, making decisions, and individual success. Self-awareness, self-control, resilience,..


Unleashing The Vajra By SUJEEV SHAKYA

Rs 912 Rs 960

The big advantage of Nepal is its location between India and China, especially now that these two Asian giants are set to become the world's leading economies by 2050. Historically, when Nepal leveraged that geographical position, it was at its most prosperous. Today, this chance arises again-and in order to take advantage of the growth of India an..


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Stephen R. Covey

Rs 848 Rs 960

His landmark book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which has sold more than 10 million copies and has become a touchstone for individuals, families, and businesses around the world, is presented by internationally renowned leadership authority and bestselling author Stephen R. Covey.Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to..

Looking for Alaska By John Green

Rs 640

BEFORE. The whole life of Miles Halter has been a big non-event until he starts at Culver Creek Boarding School and meets Alaska Young. She draws Miles into her universe, launches him into a new life, and steals his heart. Beautiful, smart, funny, and totally fascinating. But when tragedy strikes and Miles comes face to face with death he discovers..


Life's Amazing Secrets: How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life By Gaur Gopal Das

Rs 380 Rs 400

As they maneuver their way through the horrendous traffic of Mumbai, Gaur Gopal Das and his wealthy young friend Harry get to talk, delving into topics ranging from the human condition to discovering one's meaning in life and the path to enduring happiness.Gaur Gopal Das takes us on an exciting journey with his precious insights into these areas of..


The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

Rs 760 Rs 800

The amazing, heartbreaking tale of the unlikely friendship between a wealthy boy and his father's servant 's son, caught in the tragic sweep of history, The Kite Runner carries readers to Afghanistan at a tense and critical time of transition and devastation. A strong tale of friendship, it also deals with the ability to read, the price of deceit a..


The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits that Will Transform Your Life Before 8 a.m By Hal Elrod

Rs 480 Rs 560

What is widely considered to be "one of the most life-changing books ever written" may be the simplest approach to achieving all you have ever wanted, and faster than you ever thought possible.How if you could wake up tomorrow, and every part of your life — or EVERY — began to transform? What would you make of it? The Miracle Morning is already tra..

Mindset By CAROL S. DWECK | Motivational Book

Rs 640

Mindset - Changing the way you think to fulfill your potential:After decades of study, world-renowned psychologist Carol S. Dweck of Stanford University, Ph.D., has discovered a basic but revolutionary idea: the influence of attitude. In this fascinating novel, she shows how performance can be profoundly affected by how we think about our talents a..

The Magic of Thinking Big By David J. Schwartz | Motivational Book

Rs 800

Millions of readers through The Magic of Thinking Big learned the secrets of the performance. Choose what you've always wanted: financial stability, power and control, the right work, fulfilling relationships and a happy, rewarding life.Set your goals big ... and go beyond them!Millions of people around the world have used The Wisdom of Dreaming Bi..


Veronika Decides to Die: A Novel of Redemption By Paulo Coelho

Rs 532 Rs 560

Veronika, 24, seems to have everything — youth and appearance, boyfriends and a caring family, a satisfying career. Yet, in her life, something is lacking. So, one cold morning in November, she takes a dose of sleeping pills hoping to never wake up. But she does — at a mental institution where it's said she just has days to live.Inspired by events ..

Soulmate By Deepak Chopra: A Love Story Book

Rs 320

When love is set free, it obeys no limits:The brilliant young scientist Raj Rabban felt he learned about life and death. Then, on a Manhattan subway, he encounters fiery, red-haired Molly and what begins as an infatuation develops darker than anything he ever thought imaginable. Even though he's engaged to Maya, selecting a woman from his mother, M..


Pilgrims By Elizabeth Gilbert | Religion

Rs 576 Rs 640

Pilgrims ' cowboys, strippers, labourers and magicians are all on their way to being somewhere or another. Some are browbeaten and tired in the world, others are deluded and naive, and all try compañerism as intensely as possible. A stubborn East Coast girl dares a western cowboy run away with her, a matronly bar owner falls in love with her nephew..


Cell By Robin Cook | Fiction

Rs 720 Rs 800

George Wilson, M.D., a Los Angeles resident of radiology, is about to enter a career on the verge of a major paradigm change, foreshadowing a radically different position for doctors everywhere. A new mobile app is being built that is much more than just a reference device, rather it is a completely customizable personal physician capable of more e..


Group Discussion By Manju Gupta

Rs 216 Rs 240

Group Discussion helps the candidates plan their selection tests for the GD portion. The writers describe the dynamics of a group discussion and teach the readers how to use innovative methods to get each participant engaged in the conversation and keep the conversation alive and moving. They explain innovative ways of collecting knowledge and..


Love, Whatever that Means... By Aditi Mathur Kumar | Fiction

Rs 288 Rs 320

Hello. My name is Tina. I have a wonderful, easy-going life. At my work on a TV news channel I was suddenly promoted. I've got weird, cute friends and a Mr. Army man who looks like that man. What a mistake! Lots of, it turns out! My boss is a pervert, the work is meh and no friend is ever more single. Sometimes, the special individual is too crazy ..


The Saga of Love Via Telephone By Pankaj Pandey | Fiction | Romance

Rs 432 Rs 480

This novel takes you to a journey of love, romance, passion, thrill and saturnine events...

The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald | Novel

Rs 215

The Great Gatsby, third novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, published in 1925 by Charles Scribner’s Sons. Set in Jazz Age New York, the novel tells the tragic story of Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire, and his pursuit of Daisy Buchanan, a wealthy young woman whom he loved in his youth. Unsuccessful upon publication, the book is now considered a classi..


Mandala Of Sherlock Holmes By Jamyang Norbu | Fiction

Rs 864 Rs 960

The British public was stunned to hear in 1891 that Sherlock Holmes had died in a violent fight at the Reichenbach Falls with the arch-criminal Professor Moriarty. Instead, to his amazement, he reappeared two years later, telling a shocked Watson, ' So I traveled to Tibet for two years, and entertained myself with visiting Lhasa.' Nothing has ..

We Need a Revolution By Garg Sachin | Fiction

Rs 320

Sachin Garg writes a book, "We Need a Revolution." The book is about five different individuals who come together to fight for one common cause. Abuse and injustice still have its origins in many parts in India and barbaric conduct is treated as a source of entertainment in those countries. The book's content says, "To bring the change into so..

Crime and Punishment By Fyodor Dostoyevsky | Fiction

Rs 640

Crime and Punishment, one of the ultimate masterpieces of world literature, catapulted Dostoyevsky to the forefront of Russian authors and into the ranks of the world's greatest novelists. Drawing on memories from his own days in prison, the author tells the story of Raskolnikov, an impoverished student tormented by his own nihilism, in feverish ye..

Life Without Limits: Inspiration For A Ridiculously Good Life By Nick Vujicic

Rs 715

Born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic overcame his disabilities to live an independent, rich, fulfilling, and “ridiculously good” life while serving as a role model for anyone seeking true happiness. Now an internationally successful motivational speaker, Nick eagerly spreads his message: the most important goal is to find your life’s purpose and..

Kidnapped By Robert Louis Stevenson

Rs 240

Set in the middle of the actual world developments that preceded the Jacobite Rising of 1745, the 1886 novel "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson is the story of David Balfour, who journeys to visit his uncle and receive his inheritance following his father's death. Betrayed by his Mother, David finds himself abducted in the Carolina Colonies of A..

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