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One Arranged Murder By Chetan Bhagat

Rs 300 Rs 360

One Arranged Murder Book Story:I've lost my best friend after you found Prerna,' I told Saurabh. Hi, this is Keshav, and Saurabh, my best friend, flatmate, colleague, and business partner, won't speak to me. Since I made fun of him. Saurabh and Prerna are going to get married soon. This is an orchestrated wedding. Nevertheless, between them, there ..


The Purple Book of Province Tax 2077| Shesh Mani Dahal | Finance

Rs 180 Rs 200

सात वटै प्रदेश आर्थिक एन २०७७ को सन्कलन..

Yatrama (यात्रामा) By Sharada Sharma

Rs 285

Yatrama By Sharada Sharma was released on July 13, 2019. The book has been shortlisted for Madan Puraskar 2076...

Maharani ( महारानी) By Chandra Prakash Baniya

Rs 450

Out Of The 151 Books, 'Maharani' has been Shortlisted For Madan Puraskar 2076.About Book:तीन शताब्दिअघिको बाइसेचौबिसे राज्यमध्ये एकको इतिहासमा स्थापित भातृद्वन्द्व, सत्ता र प्रेममा आधारित एक कुशल उपन्यास ।..


Maharas Nighantu (महारसनिघण्टु) By Yogi Dharma Mahararas

Rs 8,100 Rs 9,000

Maharas Nighantu has been Shortlisted for Madan Puraskar 2076About Book:    जडीबुटी खोज अनुसन्धानमा लामो समय बिताएका योगी धर्ममहारसको आयुर्वेदिक ज्ञान सम्बन्धि पुस्तकमहारसनिघण्टु नै किन ?सामान्य रोगको रोकथामका लागि साधारण व्यक्तिहरूलाई समयमै सरल र स्पष्ट रूपमा आवश्यक सूचना तथा जानकारी दिई चिकित्सा सर्वसुलभ–अति सस्तोमा आफ्नै घरमा बसेर पनि ..

Dharsai Dharsako Chakrabyuha' (धर्सैधर्साको चक्रव्यूह) By Tirtha Shrestha

Rs 310

Out Of The 151 Books, 'धर्सैधर्साको चक्रव्यूह' has been Shortlisted For Madan Puraskar 2076.About Book:जीवन र जगतको सङ्घर्षशील समयको भावलाई सरल र सुरुचिपूर्ण शब्दमा बुनिएका कविताहरूको संग्रह ।..

Jokerko Banduk ' जोकरको बन्दुक ' By Bimal Niva

Rs 225

Out Of The 151 Books, 'Jokerko Banduk' Has Been Shortlisted For  Madan Puraskar 2076..

Many Lives Many Masters By Brian Weiss | Unlock The Healing Power Of Past-Life Regression

Rs 600

"Many Lives Many Many Masters" is the true story of a prominent psychiatrist, his young patient, and the therapy of his past life that changed their lives. Brian L. Weiss was a scientist and psychotherapist who was molded into a conservative professional through years of disciplined study...

World's Greatest Short Stories | 50 Story Collection

Rs 480

Paperback: 612 pagesPublisher: Fingerprint! Publishing (20 January 2017)Language: EnglishPackage Dimensions: 19.8 x 12.8 x 4 cm..


Leaders Eat Last By Simon Sinek

Rs 910 Rs 960

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek in one sentence is this: Leadership is about caring about people. Leaders are not responsible for numbers, says Sinek, leadership is about people. Take care of the men, and then take care of the numbers themselves...


An Approach To Korean Language

Rs 350 Rs 385

A Korean language approach with grammar patterns, vocabulary, and questions about the EPS model...


Israeli Bhasa: Hebrew Language

Rs 180 Rs 200

This book is a practice question and answer book made from questions from previous exams..


Kot Parva ki Maharani Rajya Laxmi | A Biography By Prakash A Raj

Rs 71 Rs 75

This is the first part of Nepal 's Famous Women's biographical series (Nepalka Prasiddha Nariharu), and consists of Maharani Rajyalaxmi 's biography...


Maharani Rajendralaxmi | A Biography By Prakash A Raj

Rs 45 Rs 50

This is the third part of Nepal 's Famous Women's biographical series (Nepalka Prasiddha Nariharu), and consists of Maharani Rajendralaxmi 's biography...


Charles Sobhraj: Inside the Heart of Bikini Killer By Ramesh Koirala

Rs 760 Rs 800

Charles Sobhraj: Charles Sobhraj's inside the Bikini Killer's Heart offers glimpses of the well-known serial killer without the glitz and trappings that media reports lent to his face. It's not the calm, calculating Bikini Killer that we see here, but a balding man concerned about his poor health; a man who asks the doctor to delay his operation fo..


Freedom In Exile By Dalai Lama

Rs 760 Rs 800

In 1938 a two-year-old boy was identified as the reincarnation of the past Dalai Lamas, the spiritual rulers of Tibet, through a conventional method of discovery. Taken apart from his mother, following a monastic system of strict discipline and almost complete isolation, he was brought up in Lhasa. At the age of seven, he was enthroned as the supre..


An Appeal To The World By Dalai Lama

Rs 432 Rs 480

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, in An Appeal to the World, illuminates the path to peace in our time, arguing for a kind of universal ethics that goes beyond religion – values that we all share as human beings that can help us build unity and harmony to heal the earth.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama addresses our time of division..


Up: My Life Journey To The Top Of Everest By Ben Fogle and MARINA FOGLE

Rs 1,060 Rs 1,120

'A peak success from our favorite adventurer' Telegraph; 'Ben Fogle has accomplished something admirable and profound' Guardian; 'Praise for Ben Fogle: 'A nice and lyrical reading' Guardian; 'Written with humor and love, this light-hearted but stirring story entertains and inspires with equal measure' Countryside Magazine; 'Funny, amusing and very ..


Don'T Kill Him! | A Memoir By Ma Ananda Sheela

Rs 360 Rs 400

Ma Anand Sheela shared an enviable intimate friendship with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh as His personal assistant between 1981 and 1985, and as the second-in-command of His organization. When Bhagwan decided to discuss personal problems, important administrative problems, make small errands and even put an order for a new Rolls-Royce, he called upon her..


Imran Khan | A Biography By Christopher Sandford

Rs 912 Rs 960

In this new biography of Bill Clinton, Nigel Hamilton brings all the magisterial authority he brought to his Whitbread-winning biography of Monty, and all the talent for tracking down and checking secret, divisive material he displayed in JFK: Reckless Youth, which for months surpassed the American bestseller charts. Born into a family of 'white tr..

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