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Century Chicken Masala Powder - 500 g

Rs 475

Century's Chicken Masala enhances the flavor and aroma of your chicken dishes. A flavorful mix of the freshest savory spices. To maintain freshness, Century Chicken Masala comes in food-grade metallic lined containers. Century's exquisite blends of herbs and spices will elevate your culinary experience. Our spice blends are full of flavor and fresh..

Century Peanuts Salted - 100gm

Rs 100

The peanut plant is an annual plant that originated in South America and was disseminated throughout tropical and subtropical countries by the Spaniards in the 16th century.Century sources the highest-quality dried fruits and nuts from all around the world. We season them with salt and spices and store them in sealed, convenient containers to keep ..

Century Chat Masala Powder - 500 g

Rs 425

The pungent chat masala has no match in terms of taste and flavor; it adds a punch to your chat, salad, fresh veggies, and fruits. Century Chat Masala will enhance the flavor of any dish. Our chat masala is a delectable blend of herbs and spices that enhances the flavor of any meal, vegetable, or fruit. Century's exquisite blends of herbs and spice..

Century Roasted Pistachio Salted - 200gm

Rs 525

The pistachio  is a tiny tree native to Central Asia and the Middle East that belongs to the cashew family. The tree yields seeds, which are commonly consumed as a source of nutrition.Pistacia vera is frequently confused with other Pistacia species that are also known as pistachio. The regional distributions (in the wild) of these other specie..

Century Chana Masala Powder - 100 g

Rs 90

Century offers a delicious selection of healthy spices and seasoning blends. This organic chana masala can be used to season and flavor any curry cuisine, and it's excellent for making traditional dishes at home. It's all-natural, wholesome, and delectable. Century Chana Masala Powder is tasty and nutritious, containing no artificial colors or pres..

Century Black Pepper - 50 g

Rs 85

Century Black Pepper is a vacuum-sealed bag of black pepper manufactured from the finest peppercorns. Sprinkle some on top of your salad, sandwich, fruits, or veggies to enhance the flavor. Century's renowned and flavorful powdered natural spices are utilized all over Nepal. Excellent quality and a huge selection of unique natural spices.Available ..

Century Biryani Masala - 100 g

Rs 110

Are you tired of physically blending and grinding spices at home to create well-blended spices for biryani rice cooking? Biryani masala offers the appropriate balance of texture and flavor to your dishes. Century Biryani Masala is a perfect blend of the various aromatic spices essential to make a delicious biryani plate. It saves you the time and e..

Century Roasted Almond Jalapeno - 200gm

Rs 490

The almond tree is native to Iran and neighboring countries, but it is commonly planted elsewhere. The tasty and widely cultivated seed of this tree is known as the almond.The almond fruit is a drupe, with an outer hull and a hard shell containing the seed, which is not a real nut. The term "shelling almonds" refers to the process of removing the s..

Century Fox Nut Pudina-90gm

Rs 210

For over 3000 years, the fox nut has been a key nut in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. It is one of the lightest nuts, and its nutritional value and health benefits far outweigh its own. Century Fox Nuts are a feisty, yet zingy combination of exotic tastes with a cheesy hint of tomato that make them ideal as a deep-fried snack replacement. Fox nuts ..

Century Roasted Cashew Salted - 100g

Rs 265

Century Roasted Cashews are rich in flavor and packed with proteins and other nutrients. They are roasted in oil and dusted with a dash of salt. They have a unique flavor that is sweet and buttery with a delicate crunch. The pack is airtight, preventing moisture from entering the jar.Century sources the highest-quality dried fruits and nuts from al..

Borges Canola Refined Oil-1 liter

Rs 450

Borges canola oil is healthy and nutritious which lowers bad cholesterol and rich in omega-3 acids. It is perfect for everyday cooking.Borges Canola Refined Oil-1 liter Specifications: Rich in omega-3Lowest saturated fatsLowers Cholesterol levelHelps in brain functioning..

Borges Massage Olive Oil|125ml

Rs 275

Borges massage olive oil is made entirely of extra virgin olive oil. There is no odor. Removes dryness while also moisturizing the skin. Skin becomes soft, supple, and wrinkle-free. Maintains muscle strength. Highly useful in the treatment of rheumatic symptoms. It induces euphoria with its massage. Defends against skin disorders.Borges Massage Oli..

Borges Baby Olive Oil-125ml

Rs 275

Borges baby olive oil is 100% pure olive oil. It consists of extra virgin olive oil and refined olive oil which protects baby from skin irritation. Borges Baby Olive Oil-125ml Specifications:Vegetarian productExtra mildPrevents skin irritationMakes skin soft and smooth ..

Borges 125 ml Olive Hair Oil

Rs 275

Borges hair olive oil is 100% pure olive oil. No odor, no smell. Removes dryness and moisturizes hair. Makes hair soft, glowing & shiny. Keeps hair root canal strong. Highly effective in hair falls, double hair, dandruff and scalp fitness.Borges Hair 125 ml Olive Oil  Specifications: Vegetarian productNo smell, no odorKeeps hair soft,..

Borges Organic 250 ml Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother

Rs 380

Borges organic apple cider vinegar is known to help reduce cholesterol, blood sugar levels, helps in weight loss and improves metabolism and digestion.Borges Organic 250 ml Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother Specifications:   OrganicUnfilteredAnti dandruff agent for hairPerfect for dressingReduces cholesterolLoses weightImproves metabol..

Borges 500 ml Red Wine Vinegar

Rs 320

Borges red wine vinegar comes from a special selection of high quality olives. It is cultivated under the Mediterranean sun, with all their original taste and aroma. It is obtained by the natural fermentation of red wine.Borges 500 ml Red Wine Vinegar Specifications:perfect for everyday usecan also be used in ice creams and desertsfull aromatic..

Borges Balsamic Vinegar With Modena - 250ml

Rs 350

Vinegar intensifies the flavor of all meats, especially veal and duck. It is also an excellent ingredient for vinaigrettes for smoked fish  trout, salmon etc. Borges Balsamic Vinegar With Modena - 250ml Specifications: 100% vegetarianideal for dressing, salads, meatsused in vegetarian and Mediterranean cooking ..

Borges 160 Gram Black Pitted Olives

Rs 175

Borges black pitted olives is healthy monounsaturated fat which shrink the risk of atherosclerosis. The antioxidant nutrients in black olives impede this oxidation of cholesterol.Borges 160 Gram Black Pitted Olives Specifications: vegetarian productminimize the risk of atherosclerosisprevents heart diseaseperfect for daily use..

Borges 160 Gram Green Pitted Olives

Rs 175

Green olives are rich in vitamin E and has powerful antioxidants which is good for your heart and protects you from osteoporosis and cancer. Borges Green Pitted Olives Specifications:  Vegetarian productHigh in vitamin ERich in antioxidantsPerfect use for saladscan also be used in Platters and Cocktails ..

Borges Refined Sunflower Oil-1ltr

Rs 410

Borges sunflower oil is prepared from carefully picked seeds from plants grown in river basins along the Mediterranean coast. GMO-free with Omega 6 and Vitamin E. Boosts energy, boosts immunity, and improves skin health. It can withstand high temperatures while frying and has a smoking point of up to 235°, making it perfect for deep frying and saut..

Borges Pomace Olive Oil - 1ltr

Rs 810

With a low boiling point and a light flavor. It's ideal for Nepalese cuisine. In some percentages, it has the virtues of olive oil. With a high smoking point and a light flavor. It's ideal for Nepalese cuisine. There is no taste of olives, and it can be used in place of any conventional cooking oil.Borges Pomace Olive Oil Specifications: Can b..

Borges Organic Extra Virgin Pure Olive Oil |500 ml

Rs 980

Borges organic oil is 100% extra virgin pure oil. It is especially  good for everyday cooking and homemade mayonnaise. It is also free  from pesticides and genetic modification. Borges Organic Extra Virgin Pure Olive Oil Specifications: 100% organicCan be used for everyday cookingFree from pesticidesUse it to add the d..

Borges Extra Virgin Pure Olive Oil |250 ml

Rs 510

Borges Extra Virgin Pure Olive Oil is produced by cold pressing fresh olive which has light aroma and vitamins. Borges Extra Virgin Pure Olive Oil Specifications: 100% Vegetarian Ideal for salads and dressings Made in SpainImproves digestionCold extractionFruity taste and aromacan be used for breakfast, lunch, snacks..

Borges Extra Light 250 ml Pure Olive Oil

Rs 480

With a high smoking point and a light flavor, it is ideal for Nepalese cuisine. There is no taste of olives, and it can be used in place of any conventional cooking oil.Borges Extra Light Olive Oil Specifications: Vegetarian productLight flavor and aromaideal for frying and roasting Regular oil for foods..

Borges Classic Pure 125 ml Olive Oil

Rs 275

This pure olive oil from the house of Borges boasts of being made from top-notch ripe olives from the Mediterranean. Borges classic olive oil has a rich flavor so that you can't stop eating your snacks. Borges Classic Pure Olive Oil Specifications:Multi-Purpose Oil  Can be applied for body, face and hairVegetarian productObtained fro..

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