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Beardo Activated Charcoal Combo

Rs 1,557

Beardo Activated Charcoal Combo consists : Activated Charcoal Face Scrub - 100g :    Contains Activated Charcoal for deep cleansingActivated Charcoal Face Wash - 100g :     Keeps your face clean & freshActivated Charcoal Body Wash - 200ml :     Keeps you fresh and cool for an entire day..


Beardo Adonis

Rs 3,497

Beardo Adonis consists : Dark Side Perfume 100ml:    Unleash your dark side with Beardo Dark Side perfume. The strong and sensual notes of this perfume invokes the hidden magnetic charm of your personality and makes you absolutely irresistible. Beardo Dark Side is an EDP i.e. Eau De Parfum which is higher in concentration than other perfumes which ..


Beardo Bath Combo

Rs 1,946

Beardo Beardo Bath Combo consists :  Activated Charcoal Face Scrub - 100gActivated Charcoal Body Wash - 200mlHair Fall Shampoo - 250mlActivated Charcoal Soap - 125g..


Beardo Complete Hair Fall Control Kit

Rs 2,297

Beardo Complete Hair Fall Control Kit consists: Beardo Hair Fall Shampoo - 250ml: Prevents hair fall quickly with no damage.Beardo Hair Serum - 50ml: Nourishes and moisturizes your hair that stimulates thicker and fuller hair.Beardo Beard N Hair Growth Oil - 50ml: Helps promote hair & beard growth, Makes beard smooth and frizz-free helps you get ri..


Beardo Hair Growth Oil, Beard Serum and Irish Beard Wash Combo

Rs 2,447

Beardo Hair Growth Oil, Beard Serum and Irish Beard Wash Combo consists : Beard N Hair Growth Oil - 50ml :     Makes beard smooth & shinyBeard Serum - 50ML :     Provides a refreshing lookIrish Royal Beard Wash - 100ml :     Cleanses your beard, and protects from dirt and sun..


Beardo Hair Thickening Combo

Rs 1,847

Beardo Hair Thickening Combo consists : Hair Thickening Serum Spray - 50ml :     Adds volume & thickness instantlyHair Fall Shampoo - 250ml :     Prevents hair fall quickly with no damageOnion Oil - 25ml :     Promotes hair strength & growth..


Beardo Maximus

Rs 1,896

Beardo Maximus consists : Hair Fall Shampoo 250ml:    It prevents hair fall quickly with no damage. Ensures grease-free, healthy scalp. It is made with aloe vera extracts that hydrates your scalp and gives relief from itching and flaking. Use of ingredients like Brahmi reduces dandruff and hair fall. Beardo Hair Fall Shampoo is a 4-in-one all-power..


Beardo Samson

Rs 2,846

Beardo Samson consists : GodFather Beard Wash 100ML:    GodFather Beard Wash effectively cleanses and moisturizes your beard and skin without stripping them of essential hydrators. Simply apply through wet beard to produce a rich lather that deeply cleanses the beard and can be rinsed away with minimum effort. Apply beard shampoo and massage thorou..


Beardo The Perfect Face Pack Combo

Rs 1,397

Beardo The Perfect Face Pack Combo consists : UltraGlow All-In-1 Face Lotion - 100g :     Ultraglow Hydrates & moisturizes the skinActivated Charcoal Face Wash - 100g :     Facewash Keeps your face clean & freshActivated Charcoal Peel Off Mask - 100g :     Peel Off Mask Eliminates dirt, oil & toxin, unclogs skin pores..


Beardo Vincenzo

Rs 1,647

Beardo Vincenzo consists :GodFather Perfume 50ML:     Be prepared to captivate the senses of one and all with the powerful enigma of Beardo Godfather EDP. Beardo Godfather perfume has an alluring and authoritative appeal that instantly overshadows ordinary perfumes. It is a fine concoction of mint and lemon along with an intense and passionate arom..


Beardo Don Corleone

Rs 6,739

Beardo Don Corleone consists:GodFather Beard Wash - 100ml Beard N Hair Growth Oil - 50mlMustache Growth Roll On - 8mlBeard Softener - 50gUltraGlow Body Wash - 200mlDeep Sea Soap - 125gNo Wash Face Wash - 100gUltraGlow All-In-1 Face Lotion - 100gGodFather Perfume - 50mlClay Wax Strong Hold - 75gBeard Shaping Tool..


Beardo Vitamin C Perfect Skin Care Combo

Rs 1,957 Rs 2,446

Beardo Vitamin C Perfect Skin Care Combo consists : Vitamin C Power Foam Face Wash - 130ml :     India's 1st Power Foaming FacewashVitamin C Body Yogurt - 120g :     Non-sticky and light weightVitamin C Face Serum Night Shot - 30ml :     Helps prevents sun damageVitamin C Brightening Sheet Masks :     Helps restore natural glow..

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