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A Clinical Guide For Contraception by Speroff

Rs 1,680

Each contraceptive method is covered in a single chapter that includes history of the contraceptive, method of action, pharmacology, contraindications, and use. includes new and updated information on new oral contraceptive pills, transdermal and vaginal delivery, post-pregnancy contraception, use of Essure for sterilization, and uses of contr..

AC's Introduction To Clinical Medicine For MBBS I & II by Anup Chalise

Rs 650

AC's Introduction To Clinical Medicine For MBBS I & II by Anup Chalise presents comprehensive content to cover the syllabus.Includes boxes to highlight important points of the text.Explains various procedures with the help of high-quality line diagramsAlso includes chapters on Common Diagnostic Tests and Basics of the Electrocardiogram.Provides..

Clinical Methods In Obstetrics & Gynaecology by PN Nobis

Rs 1,040

This edition brings trainees fully up to date with latest advances in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology.Contains number of brand new chapters on obstetrics. Each topic begins with basic anatomy and physiology, followed by clinical examination techniques...

Infectious Disease Secrets 2nd Edition by Robert H. Gates

Rs 1,480

The daily headlines continue to reflect and emphasize the necessity for expertise in the field of infection. "E. coli contaminated meat", "West Nile Virus spreads", "White Powder discovered", "Bacteria specific viral lysins may hold key to a new class of antibiotics", "Hope for new AIDS vaccine trial" are just a few examples. New chapters are devot..

Learning Practical Pharmacology For Undergraduates by Suyog Sindhu

Rs 792

Best suited for this purpose as it covers the pharmacy and experimental practicals elaborately with due emphasis on therapeutics.Goodness of a book is judged by the extent to which the reader understands what the author wills to convey.Sincere attempt has been made to impart knowledge in conceptual way...

Long Cases in Clinical Medicine

Rs 1,360

Provides detailed clinical cases for numerous diseases and disorders covering various body systems including respiratory, gastroenterology, neurology and haematology for trainees.Questions and answers are provided at the end of each case...

Short Cases In Clinical Exams Of Internal Medicine by Wanis Hamad Ibrahim

Rs 880

Provides trainees with a selection of clinical cases in internal medicine with model answers to assist exam preparation.Six key systems are covered - cardiovascular; respiratory; abdominal; neurological; endocrine, rheumatologic, connective tissue and skin; and fundus.Cases are presented in conversation-style between the examiner and candidate to r..

Short Cases In Clinical Medicine | 6th Edition | ABM Abdullah

Rs 1,896

Helpful learning manual for undergraduate and PG students preparing for MBBS, FCPS, MD, MRCP, FRACP or any other equivalent examination in internal medicine or any other related subspecialty.An easy book to learn the approach in common short cases with the basic knowledge and skill, essential for presentation and interpretation in any examination.A..

Snell’s Clinical Anatomy by Regions

Rs 4,638

Praised for its clear and consistent organization, dynamic illustrations, and emphasis on clinical applications. Expert perspectives with a user-friendly approach to deliver a proven learning and teaching resource on the practical application of anatomy.Ideal for medical, dental, allied health and nursing programs guides students through the fundam..

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