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Garnier Skin Naturals Nourishing Cold Cream | 24 Hours dry skin relief (40gm)

Rs 185

If your skin is dry, awkward and tight. Garnier Noursihing Cold Cream preserves against severe winter conditions and natural aggressions such as wind and pollution, which wash out the skin and render it more brittle.Garnier Nourishing Cold Cream is much more than a basic moisturiser: it works for 24 hours to nourish and protect skin against dryness..

Garnier Skin Naturals Winter Care Nourishing Cold Cream | Non-Greasy, Non- Sticky

Rs 230

Provides your skin with the necessary moisture & nourishment during the winter. Protects against sharp cold circumstances including wind and pollution. Contains pure acacia honey recognized for its hydro-fixing characteristics to assist keep the amount of moisture in the skin. Provides full hydration and convenience arising in a soft skin that s..

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