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ARITA 2 Rod Electric Heater | 800 Watt

Rs 744 Rs 1,250

ARITA 2 rod electric heater has 2 heating levels.Flip StandHas anti-droop down and shake safety functionPortable SizeContains rotary switch type and easy to controlPresence of safety mesh grid protectionEconomical to useVoltage range is 220-240v ~ 50Hz1 Year Warranty..


ARITA 3 Rod Halogen Heater

Rs 1,766 Rs 2,250

ARITA 3 Rod Halogen Heater has a gas room and an electric room. It gives enough heat to keep a room warm. It has 1 year warranty.High quality ceramic tiles. Electric 3 heat setting 500W/1000W/1500W.100% safety shut-off control.Oxygen depletion.Heat proof plaiting.Infrared, fast heating energy saving...

CG 1200 Watt Halogen Heater | 3 Rod Swing

Rs 2,415

In the warm-up of small spaces, Room heaters are also known as space heaters. They can be taken anywhere you like and they are compact. CG brings you a radiative heater, the Halogen Heater Room. It operates on Halogen tubes, is an intelligent and lightweight heater. 3 heat adjustments: High performance 400/800/1200W. Save electricity.Specifications..

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