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Byabasayik Bakhra Palan By Bharat Raj Gautam

Rs 200

Language: NepaliBinding: PaperbackPublisher: PanchpokhariEdition: NewPages: 140..

Byabasayik Chyau Kheti-Suman Panta ( Agricultural Book)

Rs 200

Language: NepaliBinding: PaperbackPublisher: Panch PokhariGenre: AgricultureEdition: newPages: 160..

Byabasayik Local Kukhura Palan-Bharat Raj Gautam - Poultry Farm Ideas

Rs 350

Byabasayik Local Kukhura Palan tells about how to earn money by Poultry Farm?Language: NepaliAuthor: Bharat Raj |  Gautam..

Byabasayik Machha Palan By Rameshwor Singh Pandey

Rs 300

Fish farming is the raising of fish for personal use or profit. It is sometimes called fish culture.By raising fish we make better use of our land and our water.But fish farming is not easy. To raise fish needs as much hard work as to raise anything else, such as maize, rice, cassava or groundnuts. You will need to learn to do many things.So this B..

Byabasayik Tarkari Kheti By Shaalgram Adhikari

Rs 275

Author: SalgramLanguage: NepaliCover: PaperbackPages: 240Publisher: Pachpokhari Prakashan..

Byabsahik Mauripalan By Rameshwor Paudal

Rs 375

Bees help pollinate flowers, vegetables and fruits in the garden by transporting pollen from plant to plant as they collect nectar to bring to their hives. Pollen attaches to the honeybees’ fuzzy bodies and rubs off on flowers from which they collect nectar. The pollen transfer helps plants to reproduce and produce fruit and seeds.In this Mauripala..

Byabsahik Pashupalan By Bharat Raj Gautam

Rs 550

कृषक, प्राविधिक, लोक सेवा आयोगका विधार्थी तथा कृषि र भेटेनरी स्नातकको प्रवेश परीक्षाका लागि अति उपयोगी साथै ५ वर्षिय पशुपालन परियोजना तथा पशुपालन प्रपोजलसमेत समावेश गरिएको..

Saphal Phalphul Kheti By Shanta Simkhada - Nepali Economic

Rs 250

For the wellbeing, however the advancement and organic product is useful. In any case, just the thing that matters is for wellbeing it is being eat and for advancement and flourishing it ought to be developed. This book incorporates all the data how to begin a natural product horticulture with a little scale venture. The book discusses just the nat..

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