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Electronic Pen Massager | Acupuncture Pen

Rs 3,099

Electronic pen massager is acupuncture penProvides superficial therapy, which is applicable for health care and facial beautification.Provides partial therapy, which is applicable for quickly alleviating pain Also provides node therapy which is applicable for partial body pains. Rechargeable..

Face Massage 5 in 1 / Face massager

Rs 500

Buy Face Massage 5 in 1 online in Nepal at Choicemandu online shopping. It operated by 2xaa batteries (not included), have 5 accessories.Massage and application of cream to better penetrate the skin and keep it nourished and hydrated.It helps in nourishing and penetrating your skin...

Leg massager

Rs 25,000

Buy Leg massager online in Nepal at Choicemandu online shopping...

Thrive 717 Powerful Massager | Peach Colour

Rs 5,899

Has vertical motion with an irregular rotary motion which raises massaging effectsReduces back pain, lower back, neck, pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis etc.Blood circulation will be immediatelyVibration relive you muscle from fatigue, beautiful and firm you skinInterchangeable heads soothe..

4D Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Rs 220,000

4D luxury zero gravity massage Chair has 14 kneading massage balls on the back, forward and reverse kneading massageHas airbag to air pressing on the head, arm, and shoulder.Also contains vibrating function on the hip and thigh.Presence of kneading and airbag massage on the legs.Provides magnet treatment and airbag massage on the feetHas digital re..

Crazy fit massager | Fitness Massager

Rs 34,999

Crazy fit massager removes the unwanted tummy rolls and gives you a flat stomach or some rock hard abs.Helps to tighten and shape up your gluteus with the help of intense lower body workoutSculptures your some curvaceous toned shoulders and arms.Beautifully highlights and defines some natural looking calvesShapes up and tones up some great looking ..

Dolphin Body Massager

Rs 1,295

Dolphin Body Massager removes fatigue and relax tense muscle caused by fierce physical movement.Heals pains caused by long-term unsmooth blood circulationCures shoulder convulsion caused by stiff neckRelieves ache caused by rheumatismAlso has infrared rays therapy..

Double Head Heat Massager | Hammer | Infrared

Rs 6,995

Double Head Heat Massager has strong-flap massage function.Reduce the ache and also remove the fatigue.Contains stepless speed regulation.Has somatological Streamlined designAdditional 2 set of removable massage heads in dimple and brush shape...

Electric Car & Home Massage Pillow / Massaging Pillow

Rs 1,340

Buy Electric Car & Home Massage Pillow online in Nepal at Choicemandu online shopping.Brand new and high qualityPortable and durable, lightweight. Easy to carry.This massage pillow is a perfect companion to relax and release the tension in your muscles.Relieve the stresses and pains, re-energizing you to do more.Eight massage rollers with ..

Full Body Zero Gravity LEK-988A1 Automatic Electric Massage Chair | Cheap message chair

Rs 289,000

Using a zero-gravity model permits the massage chair to simulate a totally weightless experience much like the zero gravity experience of an astronaut in space. A zero Gravity massage Chair allows your body to disperse all weight and tension during the chair at the same time as promoting a feeling of weightlessness that relieves stress, tension, an..

Hammer Double Headed Full Body Massager | Multi Colour

Rs 3,500

Hammer Double Headed Full Body Massager is built with a strong rubber grip for ease of use and comfort while massagingHas easy to use handheld designEnhance blood circulation and body metabolismRelieves built-up muscle tension.Applicable for physiotherapy of all the parts of the body.Can massage every part of our bodyRemoves spasm in the shoul..

Luxurious Massage Mat with Soothing Heat Massage Cushion

Rs 4,999

Type: Massage and RelaxationApplication: BodyMaterial: Non-woven,High quality FibreDimension: 52cm x 14cm x 166cmVoltage: 12VPower: 18WMassage heads: 9 Massage modeMassage mode: 7Massage Bed Design: TourmalineMattress Specification: Body MassageMassage parts: Head,Shoulder,Waist,Hips,FeetBenefits of Luxurious Massage Mat...Natural pain reliefImprov..

Mini Wave Vibrating Massager | Electric Handled

Rs 250

Mini wave vibrating massager is ideal healthcare product for work, life, and studyUltra compact and lightweightCan be used on sitting, standing or lying downHigh-performance vibratorReleases aches and pains and makes you feel comfortableProvide best massage effect at anytime and anywhereHas ergonomic shape that fits the human body well, perfectly i..

Thrive 717 Powerful Massager

Rs 6,000

Thrive 717 Powerful Massager has a vertical motion with an irregular rotary motion which raises massaging effects.Clears blood vessel and promotes blood circulation.Relives your muscle from fatigue and pain.Has easy to use handheld design..

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