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Aaray Herbals Hand Sanitizer - 100ml

Rs 210 Rs 250

Kills 99% of Germs and BacteriaIngredients: Denatured Alchohol,DL Water,Moisturiser,Ethylhexadecyl-dimethyl-ammoniunethy sulphate,Color & FragranceGerms disperse quickly at the school, in the classroom, or in other area that has plenty of foot traffic. And even though you're not getting ready to eat or taking out the trash, you can be influence..

Alcorub Gel | Instant Hand Sanitizer - 50ml

Rs 120

Advance instant hand sanitizer with emollient and moisturizer Kill 99.99% of GermsSmall size, easy to carry. Gel texture, you can easily control the amountUse it as often as required throughout the day, particularly Before eatingAfter using public transport and conveniencesAfter coughing and sneezingNote: This product is for external..

Instant Hand Sanitizer | Nanzirub Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer - 100ml

Rs 120

NANZIRUB  instant hand sanitizer is effective against bacteria including Mycobacterium tuberculosis fungi viruses including HBV and HIVDispense a sufficient amount of Nanzirub to wet the hands and fingernails thoroughly Precautions and Contraindications:Do not mix with detergents or other chemicalsKeep away from eyes and earsKeep out of childrenNOT..

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