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Tynor Ankle Binder | Adjustable Ankle Support

Rs 525

Tynor ankle binder is an effective device to support, compress and partially immobilize the ankle.Controls pain, oedema or inflammation. Composed of two components, compression sleeve and elasticized strap. Sleeve is knitted in 3 dimensions so that it conforms to the complex anatomy of the anklet with exactness.Dual grip and closed heelFour-way str..

Tynor Contoured Cervical Pillow

Rs 2,450

Anatomically shaped, molded from PU Foam with optimal density, provides effective support to the neck.Has a scientific design, maintains the neck in slight hyperextension and provides muscle relaxation.Has a long functional life and good resilience.Extremely comfortable with very smooth contours. Has two different heights on two different sides to ..

Tynor Elbow Support | Uniform compression

Rs 300

Tynor elbow support is widely used in orthopaedic practice to provide firm compression, warmth and support to the forearm and the elbow joint.Allow pain inflammation and stiffness, generally associated with old age, arthritis, sports injury etc.Fine grip at edges and four way stretch.Anatomically shaped with mellowed elbow portion for better compre..

Tynor Knee Cap Comfeel | Knee Support | Pair

Rs 700

Has cotton on the inside and a dermophillic interphase that improves sweat absorption, comfort and compliance.Bi-layered, nylon on the outside which ensures durability, improves aesthetics and color fastness.Has Four-way stretchable fabric, ensures effective compression along with comfort.Two layered with interwoven air space, retains body heat eff..

Tynor Weight Cuff | 2kg

Rs 1,599

Tynor weight cuff is filled with low friction smooth steel balls for soft feel and easy wearing.Has high density of steel balls that ensures small volume of the product and convenience of use.Presence of reverse buckle mechanism ensure secure tightening, easy application and removal of the cuff and flexible sizing.Made from strong spandex fabric fo..

Tynor I 73 Heating Pad Ortho

Rs 2,325

Tynor heating pad ortho is very safe to use and is washable pad. Has 3 modes of temperature regulationPresence of 90 min auto cut with LED indicatorRobust design with water repellent thermostat and soldered wire jointHas uniform heating of the pad all over with very stable heating temperature.Soft and Flexible..

Tynor Posture Corrector

Rs 1,450

Provides pain free lifeGood posture is healthy and sexy for men and womenComfortable, adjustable and easy to usePremium quality soft and breathable fabricInvisible and undetectable under clothes..

Tynor Wrist Brace with Thumb | Neoprene

Rs 525

Wrist brace with thumb supports, protects and immobilizes the wrist while allowing free and natural movement of the thumb and fingers. Compresses the area and retains the body heat to allay local pain and inflammation. Maintains the thumb in its neutral abduction position.Has versatile closing system.Provides optimal therapeutic warmth.Has controll..

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