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Aqualogica Clear+ Anti Acne Corrector 20

Aqualogica Clear+ Anti Acne Corrector 20

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  •  Reduces Active Acne: The Clear+ Purifying AcneCorrector fights acne-causing bacteria right on the spot and reduces activeacne to give you clear and flawless skin.
  •  Fades Acne Marks & Spots: With Green Tea’santioxidant-rich properties, the Corrector eliminates acne marks and spotsleaving the skin smooth and flawless.
  • Gives a Cooling Sensation: It's anti-inflammatoryand light, gel-based formula calms acne inflammation with a cooling sensationand is ideal for anyone with acne-prone skin.
  • Makes Skin Smooth & Clear: Be it stress-relatedpimples or hormonal breakouts, the Corrector addresses different kinds of acneto promote clear, smooth and glowing skin.


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