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Menstrual Cups- Everything you need to Know !

Menstrual cups- everything you need to know !

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Are Menstrual cups growing in popularity? Yes, Menstrual cups are growing in popularity as they are known for being less wasteful than tampons and pads. Menstrual cups have many benefits as they have environmental benefits, are reliable, long-lasting and can save you money over time. Now, Your ...

The Best Sunscreen in Nepal

The best sunscreen in nepal

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Human skin is delicate and the most sensitive region is the facial area. Wearing sunscreen with better SPF is crucial not only on sunny days but even on cloudy days. Protecting yourself from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of skin cancer, and preventing the signs of ageing and skin discolouration...

Best Fragrance For All the Men Out There

Best fragrance for all the men out there

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The sensation of smell is extremely strong. You get an image of what it is before actually looking at it. Your subconscious mind works and gives you the decision whether the smell is good or not. As a person, it is one major impression you have to maintain while catching up with people. No one ...

Which Washing Machines to Choose Under the Budget Rs 90,000?

Which washing machines to choose under the budget rs 90,000?

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Remember those days when we used to wash our clothes with our bare hands, sitting hours until our backs used to hurt. It was such a hard time, wasn’t it? Wash clothes all day, and cry out all night with severe back pain. But you know what! I think about those days and smile and be thankful...

Books you shouldn’t miss out on as an Entrepreneur

Books you shouldn’t miss out on as an entrepreneur

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“Never trust anyone whose TV is bigger than their bookshelf” - Emilia ClarkeI couldn’t agree more with this phrase. Even though TV does not fully mean fun and enjoyment, it represents the idea of entertainment. Whereas a book is connected with the idea of knowledge. An entrepreneur is not a bos...

Where do you Find the Best Football club Accessories?

Where do you find the best football club accessories?

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Football. Probably the most loved sport in the country. Everyone is into it. People of all gender and age. Football is not just a game or a sport for us, it is an emotion. When it comes to the National Games, I don’t think other countries support their teams as we do. Yes, when the Nepali team ...

10 Electronic Supplies You Must Have At Your Office

10 electronic supplies you must have at your office

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Office. A place where you work your sweat off and earn money. Earn money to fulfill your needs, achieve your dreams, and live the life you desire. In this era of technology, everything needs electricity to run. You need to be stacked up with digital supplies to make sure your office runs proper...

9 Essential Products for Your Dogs?

9 essential products for your dogs?

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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”“A dog is the only thing in the world that loves you more than yourself.”I mean I can go on for another hour quoting about dogs and talk about how lovely they are. If you’ve ever had one, then you would know. They are the most delightful c...

A Trekker’s Guide: Their Backpack

A trekker’s guide: their backpack

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Nepal, also known as The Garden of the Gods and The Himalayan Kingdom, is one of the best and beautiful places in the whole world to spend a chill and quality time. Especially during the month of October and November, right after Dashain and Tihar, people trek around the country to experience life a...

What Shall I Gift my Father this Father’s Day?

What shall i gift my father this father’s day?

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He is the first love for a daughter and the first hero for a son. The person who sacrifices his family time with work to put food at their table and a roof above their head. We may fight with him, but we all know he is the person we love the most. He is one reason who we are today. Some call him pap...