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Buy MATTEL FRP02 BRB CRYLA CONF SKRT STDO online in Nepal at Choicemandu online shopping.BARBIE® CRAYOLA® Confetti Skir...

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Buy MATTEL FRP02 BRB CRYLA CONF SKRT STDO online in Nepal at Choicemandu online shopping.

BARBIE® CRAYOLA® Confetti Skirt Studio is a fashion design toy that allows young designers to punch their own confetti and create trendy confetti-filled skirts for Barbie® doll. A great gift for kids, this set has everything needed to create cool Barbie® doll clothes over and over again – in just a few simple steps. Choose a piece of colored paper from the 15 sheets included, insert into the top of the confetti studio and press down to punch confetti' repeat this step with more paper. Then, press the button at the top of the studio and watch it magically slide down and into the pull-out drawer at the bottom. Select one of the skirts to fill and place it around the funnel attached to the side of the studio. Open the drawer and pour the confetti into the funnel; add included pompoms if desired. Then decorate even more using stickers from the two included sheets, the three washable CRAYOLA® Gel Markers and/or the Washi tape. Display the skirts on the three included hangers or dress Barbie® doll to play out a story. Her washable top is decorated with graphic designs meant to be colored in with the included CRAYOLA® Gel Markers. When it's time for a new look, empty out the confetti and clean the skirt with the wipe towel to start again with a new design. Aspiring designers can explore so many looks – they'll love being able to express their style in endless ways with this unique fashion design toy! This set includes one Barbie® doll wearing a color-in top, one fillable skirt and shoes, along with the Confetti Skirt Studio, two additional washable skirts, 15 sheets of paper, a pack of pompoms, two sticker sheets, a roll of Washi tape, three hangers, a wipe towel and three washable gel CRAYOLA® Gel Markers. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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