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MuscleTech Nutrition Essential 100% Fish Oil(Omega-3) - 100Caps

MuscleTech Nutrition Essential 100% Fish Oil(Omega-3) - 100Caps

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100% PURE animal oil
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Product Description

100% PURE animal oil Pt one thousandth animal oil uses solely the foremost ultra-pure, filtered animal oil to provide the key polyunsaturated fatty acid fatty acids in fish oil omega-3 fatty acid (DHA) and omega-3 fatty acid (EPA). Pt one thousandth animal oil soft gels offer your body the EPA and DHA it must be at its best. These enteric-coated soft gels forestall the funny afterimage or nettlesome fish burps youll get with lower quality animal oil product. It's excellent for stacking with alternative MuscleTech Essential Series product.

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