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Techmax Int Pvt Ltd.

Techmax is a multi-brand showroom for electronics goods. we sell only original products with a 6-month warranty.

Remax RL-LA09 iPhone Audio Jack Splitter - 3.5MM
Remax RC-119i Lightening Cable
Remax RL-LF31 Micdo Series Clip Microphone Cable - 1.5M
WK Design WDC-055 Babylon Data Cable (Lightening) - 1m
Remax RB-X5 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
WK Design XII-J800 Keyboard
WK Design WT-B20 Carry Laptop Bag
WK Design WT-B06 Authentic Design Unisex Double Laptop Backpack
WK Design ST500 Moonlight Bluetooth Speaker with Lamp
WP-032 Mikey Power Bank - 10000mAh
WK Design SP300 Bluetooth Speaker
WK Blanc 2USB WP-U11 iPhone Charger
HOCO S29 Nimble Mobile Power Bank For Type-C - 10000mah
HOCO ES29 Sports Bluetooth Earphone
HOCO ES11 Magnetic Adsorption In-ear Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earphone with Mic
HOCO Microphone “BK3 Cool Sound” Wireless Karaoke Mic
HOCO Power Bank “J42 High Power” 10000mAh Dual USB Output
Remax LIFE RL-LT16 Miyu Series LED Beauty Magnifying Makeup Mirror
Lenyes Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Remax RB-M43 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with Subwoofer and AUX Cable
Joyroom HL-CY019 Sky Series Cold Light Screen Car Air Purifier
HOCO TF High Speed Micro SD Class 10 Memory Card - 128GB
Techmax TM1 Earbuds With Wireless Charging | Mobile Accessories
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