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Zuvara Feather Diaper Pants - XXL +  Baby Water Wipes

Zuvara Feather Diaper Pants - XXL + Baby Water Wipes

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  • Zuvara Feather Diapers are the best disposable baby diapers that solve all your baby’s diaper problems. They are thinnest diapers and are entirely safe for your baby and highly suitable for sensitive skin types.
  • Dermatologically and Pediatrician tested, these softest disposable diapers are completely chemical-free (0% Parabens/Latex/Fragrance/ Phthalates*/Chlorine*) and come with an extensive range of properties to make your baby’s diaper journey happier.
  • It’s Breathable pores allow the air to easily pass through, making these best baby diapers highly breathable and work as a rash guard for your baby.
  • Zuvara Tape Diapers are also Leak-Proof and have instant 12-hour* super absorbency to ensure your baby can have unlimited fun during the day and uninterrupted sleep through the night. As the softest diapers for sensitive skin, these best diapers in Nepal give your baby 360-degree elasticity to enjoy their playtime and prevent heaviness and discomfort. While its wetness indicator changes the color to blue, indicating it is time for a change.

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